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Saving Items That Have Been Damaged By Water

If you’ve been plagued by any form of water damage, you will want to recover your beloved possessions and prevent them from withering away. Timing literally means the difference between tossing out a box of photos or having them restored once again. Water damage sets in very quickly, so you must take action immediately. You may gather up any paperwork or documentation as well. You will want to freeze all documentation and photographs in order to preserve them.

It’s crucial to inspect the packaging for mold. If you spot any mold formation, toss the items away. Your health is worth a lot more. You should take a plastic bag and start putting all the wet photos and important documentation. You can use ordinary Ziploc bags if you have them to keep the photos safe. Double the bag to prevent holes from occurring. You may also use trash bags to store larger items. Keep the items stored in the freezer for a minimum of two days.

You should not unwrap the packaging until it has properly defrosted. This process could take approximately a week or so. Check on the items to ensure that they’re completely ready to go before drying them out. Do not attempt to unplug any electrical equipment if the wires or cords have been drenched in the water. A professional restoration technician should take over from here and help out. The experts have a certain way of restoring valuables that have been in contact with water.

Let On Demand Restoration Help Out

We’ve helped many families regain their precious memories by freeze drying photo albums. We may be able to save stamp collections, birthday cards, toys and other possessions. We offer very reasonable rates and work with all homeowner insurance companies. Give us a call today and let us show you why we’re the best of the best!