Water Damage Oakland

Mold Removal Oakland

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“I went to my physician about the ticklish throat, dry eyes and running nose symptoms that I had been feeling. She suspected toxic black mold suggested I call On Demand Restoration in Oakland for a Mold Assessment. Her suspicions were confirmed and an extensive mold remediation regimen was implemented to combat the mold. I have been happily free of allergic symptoms and mold for 6 weeks now! Thank you!” Amanda Fishburn

“An electrical fault led to a small fire in my storage warehouse last week. Luckily, no one was hurt, but the Fire Department left a huge quantity of water behind as they dampened the flames! As my units in Oakland are for long-term storage, I needed to ensure that all water was removed and dryness restored to prevent damage to any of the possessions of my clients, or mold and mildew problems later on. I called On Demand Restoration to remove all of the excess flood water, assist with clean-up and ensure that no further water damage would occur. I was very pleased with the professional job they did.” Shaun Almondo

“My elderly aunt has bad health anyway, so when I saw a patch of black mold on the wall in the kitchen, I knew it needed to be taken care of immediately. On Demand Restoration in Oakland were the company I turned to, and I am glad I did. They thoroughly and efficiently carried out all of the necessary steps to curtail the mold and even made some good suggestions about dehumidification that we implemented for my aunt.” Barry Felstead

“It’s a total pain in the backside when your office gets flooded. I knew that I needed the help of On Demand Restoration’s Flood Damage Technicians to help with water extraction and safety restoration in my telephone call center business in Oakland. With over 30 sets of telephone and computer equipment, I was highly impressed with the steps they took to ensure total electrical safety after pumping out the water. They even provided a breakdown of the services they performed that I appended to the insurance claim, so the company knew I’d done all I could to mitigate losses. Recommended!” Eric Gonzales