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How to Stay Safe at Home During Water Damage

Water damage is a serious issue plaguing many homeowners. In order to stop the water from flowing all around the house, it’s essential to shut off the water valve if possible. Once the valve is properly turned off, you may then begin the cleanup process. You’ll need a strong mop, rubber gloves and some disinfectant to spray down the affected sections. You should open all the windows in the house to get some fresh air circulating inside and let out the stale musty air of the water damage. You can flip on the AC during the summertime.

At this point, the smell should begin to slowly evaporate and clear up. You’ll want to remove any wet rugs or non-walled carpeting from the premises. If it’s a nice sunny day, you can simply hang the rug outside and wait for it to dry. If the carpets are badly damaged, it’s always best to throw them away. The last thing you need is a carpet growing mold or mildew, which could have drastic health effects on your family members. You may then remove any valuable paintings from the walls and keep them in a dry and safe place. Under no circumstances should you attempt to clean around an electrical socket or any electrical appliances. This process should be left to the hands of certified restoration professionals.

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When it comes to water damage remediation and safety tips, you can call upon the certified pros of On Demand Restoration in Oakland to assist. We’re a fully staffed team of dedicated experts that will restore your home back to normal. We can be reached 24/7 and we also offer very reasonable rates. Whether you have a flooded basement or a leaky ceiling, we’re your guys! We can save wet carpets, depending on the severity of the water damage. Call us today!