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Taking Care of Water Damage under Kitchen Sinks

Knowing how to identify such damages and who to call in time of need can save a lot of heartaches.

The following experience is probably much too familiar to most of you. You move into your new house or apartment, enjoying the great new kitchen you’ve just had installed, without knowing that the plumbing under your sink could have been put in a bit more professionally. As the months go by you start noticing a less than pleasant odor arising from your sink. You put some of the things you have stowed away under your sink aside in order to take a better look, and reel back gasping for air.

How does water damage under kitchen sinks happen?

Mixing wood and water usually doesn’t end well. It all goes smoothly enough if the plumbing is done by a professional. However, water always finds a way out, so in case the plumbing isn’t put in perfectly water starts sipping. With time, the wood under your sink starts to rot, decompose, and release malodor.

If not treated in time, worse deterioration may come to pass rendering your entire kitchen unfit for use.

Taking care of water damages

If you have any reason to suspect your kitchen is inflicted with water damages you should immediately contact a professional. Expert service providers will know how to locate the source of such damages, tightly seal it thus preventing additional water damages, and restore any damaged furniture or equipment.

On Demand Restoration – experts in water damages

We know that in matters of water damages, time is of the essence. That’s why our dispatch center is always available; that’s why we have several crews on-call, and that’s why our technicians are superbly trained and vastly experienced – so they’ll be able to provide real-time extensive solutions, fixing things for good.