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Taking the Necessary Flood Clean Up Precautions

You’ll need to have the proper equipment to drain out the contaminated flood water. You might want to buy a water pump and air blower, which is used to speed up the drying process. Wet rugs can be restored, so don’t toss them out just yet. Buy a few sandbags from a local surplus store and seal off the rooms that have the most amount of damages, typically the basement.

You’ll want to board up the windows and doors to limit the flood water from accumulating. Make sure the windows and doors are locked properly. Major storms can penetrate through the piping infrastructure or smash the windows out entirely. That’s why it helps to board off these sections for added safety measurements. Listen to your local radio station for evacuation instructions in case you need to leave your premises. Make sure you have plenty of bottled water, snacks, food supplies, a flashlight, extra batteries and a fully charged phone to be fully prepared.

Keeping Calm During a Flood

It’s important to keep your composure during a flood clean up. Create a checklist of things to do and assign tasks to your family members so they can assist with the cleanup process. Everyone should be given a task to remain busy and keep their minds off the present situation. Always keep a form of communication to keep things flowing and running as smoothly as possible. You should contact a reputable flood damage remediation company while you’re cleaning the surroundings on your own. They have the proper training and equipment to drain the flood water and dispose of it in a safe manner.

Call the Pros at On Demand Restoration

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